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Change is constant, and in these economic times, being able to navigate the ever changing "new normal" ahead of everyone else, is the key to not just survival, but the only way to be successful. With our "magic pill" we are able to give you new insights based on your company's financials, systems and operations, that would allow you to make effective decisions quickly. How would this change your businsess?


Every business is as unique as the owner(s). Based on our proprietary unbiased Business MRI we have the ability to create your custom transformation and guide the implementation. The Executive Counsellor will become a part of your advisory team and fully engaged and committed to your success. Many of our clients keep us on retainer even after the whole process is completed. Now with the addition of the Brain Business Seminar we can have dramatic impact at the individual level.


More of the same is not enough. As described in Dr. Stolk's Abasia Point Theory and Five Stages of Business Developement for most businesses more sales does not lead to more profit. Collaborating with our clients by combining their business and global best practices and experiences, we help our clients to tranform their businesses to high-performers, rapidly and effectively. Our work does cure PDD (Profit Deficit Disorder)!

  • ECG is a global executive counselling firm. Collaborating with our clients by offering our combined global best practices and experiences, comprehensive proprietary analysis capabilities across all industries and business functions, we help our clients become high-performance businesses.

    Our roots are in both military and academia. This creates the perfect blend of military precision and integrity combined with our business acumen is where we draw our relentless pursuit to ensure our client's maximum success. After all in times of trouble you need people of action. Our clients engage us to analyze, conclude and coach. Never is our work directed by anything other than the best interest of our clients. We require our client’s reach to their maximum potential, understanding that this is most of the time not easy. This is complex and hard work, a careful balance between art and science. Sometimes we work on the front line, sometimes in the background.

    The clearest distinction between Consultants and Counsellors is that Consultants 'think, recommend and vision' whilst Counsellors typically 'analyze, think, recommend, vision, act, teach and guide implementation'. Consultants are on the ‘outside’ working in an advisory capacity only; whereas a Counsellor is first on the ‘outside’ using the Business Physical to analyze and then guide on the ‘inside’. A Counsellor is a cross of advisor, teacher, mediator, coach. This means that there is a transfer of knowledge and skills while we work together. We like teaching how to fish instead of making you dependent on having us fish for you.



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    Posted by : Dr. John Stolk

    This seminar discusses the human factor in business, how brain and memory, including how predisposition can stop the conversation before it starts, how memory is fluid and therefore cannot be trusted, and how to use your brain to effect positive change in your business. Book this seminar for your next event





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